Introducing the Troly App!





ARRIVAL TIMES MAY VARY – We promise we absolutely might show up. Keep Calm and Keep Waiting.


VIP IV COFFEE DRIP SECTION – Coming soon! Plug in and let gravity do the work.




April Fools!

14 comments on “Introducing the Troly App!

  1. Suey says:

    Had me going! At first I thought, what a neat idea, especially during the summer months. And how pleasant it would be in the evening.

  2. eric sandoval says:

    I need a ride to the Giants game! !! Woo hoo! Go Roger’s family coffee. Live your coffee here in Corvallis Oregon.

  3. Tim Hinds says:

    Pretty funny, I thought it was real til I started reading the fine print. By the way I know the ad was a joke but do you have a trolly coffee wagon like this for real? It is pretty awesome in the picture. Couldn’t tell if it was a photo or photoshop.

  4. Kenny says:

    GREAT idea….
    And I LOVE your coffee….

  5. Robert says:

    You got me! I was actually looking for the link, to sign up to Drive one.

  6. DThom says:

    Great – can you pick us up tonight at SFO airport tonigt at 9:30 PM? We will need a cup or two of 100% Kona coffee also, since we are returning from Kailua-Kona SFBay gourmet coffee bar on Alii Drive.


  7. loricoffeerogers says:

    I love you guys… So much!.

  8. Jeni says:

    This is awesome! Great joke. Well done 😀 “the app will submit your request via us mail” hahaha!

  9. Nancy K, Vail AZ says:

    I love it!!!! I really enjoy a company that has a great time being in business ? Thanks for the laffs!!

  10. M~ says:

    Arrive eventually – haha

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Sandra says:

    I opened this late. . . today! Had me asking out loud “What? I don’t get it!” Hahahaha!
    Good thing I can laugh at myself right after talking to myself. No worries though, having a nice cup of San Francisco Bay French Roast!! Ahh! the day is GOOD!

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